Support Support for customs formalities

If you ship to a country with customs clearance, your shipment will be checked by customs in that country. Therefore, it is mandatory to include the customs forms with your shipment. You require commercial invoices for commercial shipments. A pro forma invoice is often sufficient for non-commercial shipments. However, this varies from country to country.

The invoice must always comply with the legal requirements, otherwise there is no right to deduct VAT or shipments may be delayed or not imported. You can easily generate a correct invoice when preparing your shipment in My DHL Parcel. Check the manual for more information.

Invoice requirements for dutiable shipments

Do your customs forms meet all the requirements?

  • Print and combine all the documents for your shipment. This includes invoices, a copy of the shipping label, a tax reclaim form, certificates, export documents, etc.
  • Keep the copies and attach the original documents to the parcel in a doculope (self-adhesive document-enclosed envelope).
  • Do you not create your invoice in My DHL Parcel? E-mail a digital copy of all the documents to [email protected]. If you are not in the possibility to send a copy of the documents by e-mail, an extra set of documents must be attached to the shipment.



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